Technical Animation – show how it works

What I do: I help you get qualified leads by providing clear technical animations that show how your device works. In just seconds you customer ‘gets it’ because they can see how it works. Questions are answered in moments and they can quickly figure out how it will work for them.

Who I work with: I work directly with manufactures and sales teams.

Why it works: When you partner with Industrial Animations you get very effective technical animations your clients are looking for right now. Your animations are clean, crisp and hits all the points you want your buyer to see.

What makes Industrial Animations different: I am a one man shop which means you get immediate personal attention. Your questions are answered quickly and I am accountable directly to you. Other experienced talent is available if your project requires. That could include other writers, storyboard artists, voice talent, sound technicians, musicians, web experts and other animators.

How it works: I give you a call and we figure out what you want and the best way to get there. We’ll talk about your target audience, what you want them to do, resources available and timelines. I’ll send the detailed proposal for your approval. When everything is understood and agreed on, we can get rolling.

Ready to talk? You can reach me using the form at the bottom of this page, or better yet, call me directly at 651-645-9299.

Thanks for your consideration, John Teisberg



Technical animations are like magnets to the eyes because
your viewers ‘get it’ in those first precious seconds.

Fold many selling points into one short video while
you entertain and qualify your leads.

Now your primary visual can really work for you.

The Man Junk Project
An unusual explanation of the parts that are particular to men and how they work. Many of these animated parts can be purchased at your hardware store.

The Vacuum Pump Tour
Animation is the best way to show how things work and explain technical details. Thoughtfully presented procedures and concepts are easy to understand and remember. This is an almost bullet proof way to get information across.

Laundry cart storage. Safe, easy and reliable.
Introducing the wall mounted Tiltnstore system. Your cart is brought to your fingertips with a push of a button. Simply clip it onto the lift and it travels up and out of the way leaving your floors and aisles open and clear.

Store tires right where they are needed.
This Lift and Store Lift mounts to your existing ceiling, no remodeling is necessary. Your floors stay clear of tires and you can use all of your bays.

Implant development and production services by Encompass.
A clean clear animation is the best way to capture eyes and show off the features of your service or product. In seconds you show exactly what sets you apart from the others. Animation is an information rich resource that is very easy to digest. An excellent resource for trade shows and, of course, web sites.

How to assemble the brass fittings.
A simple animation shows and explains how to assemble brass fittings in a relatively complicated vacuum pump system. Video instructions make it easy for anyone to learn how to put things together the right way the first time.

Presenting the overhead and wall mounted clothing lift.
Ideal for increasing your storage without doing a remodel. You can almost double your clothing storage overnight.

Bell Helicopter blade storage
made simple using the Lift and Store overhead lift system.

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